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SEO Pro Package

Triple the power of our basic package, The SEO Pro meant for those who really want to dominate the first page of Google !

So How Does It Work ?

The link building process is being built on Smart and Highly effective Link Pyramid that will give your website a serious Ranking Boost !


This is the time to get smart ! the old ways of just building thousands of spam links simply does not work any more ! Google’s algorithm is all about ranking sites that are “naturally” popular. That means that, although you can sum up how to rank your site in Google in four words (“Get lots of links”), you need to make sure that your site’s link structure is as “natural” as possible (in Google’s eyes, anyway).

that is why the link pyramid system is so effective , it all look very natural – and the link juice is always flowing from the bottom of the pyramid throw all the levels straight into your website! and most important your website is not at the risk of being flagged – Google is fighting spam this days like never before – this is the time for high quality links that actually provide value.


The Work Process:

Content Creation and spinning 

First – we will create very high quality unique articles about your niche which are highly SEO – that are making a smart use of LSI and your Keywords – then we will Spin those articles in our special technique to create thousands of different variations – that will ensure us that every content we are going to publish on our pyramid building process will be consider as a unique one.


* What is spin text ?   It works by rewriting existing articles, or parts of articles, and replacing elements to provide different perspective on the topic.  Rewriting can change the meaning of a sentence through the use of words with similar but subtly different meaning to the original. For example, the word “picture” could be replaced by the word “image” or “photo”.This ensures that a large percentage of words are different from the original article. ( taken from wikipedia)


Pyramid First Level – Support Blogs

At the top of the link pyramid we create blogs on high quality websites like blogger, blog.com, livejournal.com, xanga.com and others.each blog will be created manually and will have top notch quality. Each blog post will contain 3 links pointing to your website.

Pyramid Second Level – Building The Link Flow

On this stage we will create thousands of Web content posts using our huge blog network and article direcotires – each article will have links pointing into your website and the web 2.0 support blog – since we are using highly spun content – we get amazing indexing rate and google see all the content we post as unique one.


RSS And Pinging

After the link pyramid is built we turn all of the links that we created into RSS feeds. Then we ping all of the links and we do not stop the pinging until all of the links have been crawled by the search engines. i am pinging the links and dripping the RSS feeds in a very particular way which give a feeling of natural link building.


Here is the wrong way and how we don’t want google to dicover our links:

Here is the correct way and the way your links will be discover:


The End Result 

This system has proven to be highly effective in producing an amazing ranking boost, while keeping your SEO clean from any spam links. The only links that directly point to your website are high quality links.


The SEO Pro Package include the following:

    1. 3 high quality unique articles about your niche using your keywords and LSI.

    2. high quality spinning for the articles to create thousands of different variations.

    3. Creation of 48 high quality web 2.0 blog sites – each one with 3 links to your website.

    4. Social Bookmarking each of the web 2.0 blogs and your website.

    5. at least 300 Live Articles (2600 article Submissions) that had been posted to article directories – each with 2-3 links Pointing to your website.

    6. 3000 blog comments to all the links we had created

    7. RSS Submissions – Everything – Web 2.0 blogs sites, bookmarking sites,article directories and blog network.

    8. Pinging everything relentlessly until everything had been crawled.

* Full Report will be sent after job is done – Contains all the links from the service itself!

* Turn around time –  2-3 days max ( might be sooner)

* If you see something troubling you after the completion of the service, please feel free to contact us about it asap , as there shouldn’t be anything what we couldn’t fix. We thrive to keep our customers happy – your success is our success .

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SEO Pro Package
Turn Around Time: 1-3 Days