Cole Maddox

Judging by the referrers I can guess your a well known Youtube guru among the Internet marketing community.Really glad you are offering this service and as always you over deliver. A++++++++++++ Super service will buy many more orders.


James Frank

Awesome service by these guys! I am astonished at the service I received in such affordable rates. I never expected such high quality work. At first I only ordered one service, but being a one-stop shop, I was immediately back for more, and I was pleased once again. I recommend these guys for all your SEO needs, they really do deliver what they promise.


Jayson L

I went ahead and ordered the SEO Advance package and to sum it up in one word : WOW!

This must be one of the best link building services available on this forum,
its not has been 24 hours since the completion of my order and my website already jumped from being last on page 6 to the middle of page 2 in his main keyword !! ( been stuck on page 6 for a few months now )
i could not have been more happy !

Besides that liror was very friendly and answered all my questions in a very clear way , i got a very detail report of 240 pages with the all the links that had been created , the job itself was completed in less then 20 hours from the moment of order

Thanks a lot liror for your great work ! i highly recommend this service – he price is a joke for what i got from it!



Thank you the order was fill on time and is exactly what I ordered. Thanks and I will order again!


James Dowen

WOW!! 5 STARS ***** From now on, I will only order with you. I don’t know how my YouTube has not been closed down. The only way that could have happened is if you have a huge network of viewers that are REAL. I’m shocked and pleasantly surprised.. not the mention the extra views you gave me!!



I used John’s service and am very happy. I received a very detailed report with all the work done and everything looks good. I have seen some movement in the SERPs already as well. Some of the support blogs John created for the Basic Package are starting to rank as well which shows the power of the link structure.

Also John noticed a few technical issues with my site and pointed them out. He was even kind enough to write out exactly how I should go about fixing them. He is definitely a great guy to work with.

Overall I highly recommend this service to anyone who is considering.