Q: How long will it take to process my order?

A: This all depends on the backlink package that you decide to purchase. All packages will be delivered in 2-3 days


Q: What backlink package do you recommend for my website?

A: Unfortunately, we can’t give you a general answer as it all depends on a number of things like website age, the amount of backlinks you already have and also the number of backlinks you get per month/day on average. If you feel like you need a specific answer, please feel free to contact us before you order. We will be more than happy help you choose the right backlink package.


Q: How many URLs can I use?

A: You can use up to 2 URLs per backlink package.


Q: How many Keywords can I use?

A: The same goes for keywords as it does for URLs. You can use to 3 keywords for every backlink package you order.


Q: Do I have to ping the backlinks when I get my Link Report?

A: No, this is not necessary since the majority of backlinks will come from pages that are already indexed. You should just let Google crawl and index your backlinks naturally so you don’t raise any red flags.


Q: How do you process payments?

A: Every payment made at Web-Steinworld is securely processed by Paypal.com. Just click the “Order Now” button on the pricing page and you will be automatically redirected to a secure Paypal payment page.